Board of Directors

Chuck Reed

Chuck Reed served as the 64th Mayor of San Jose, Calif., from 2007 to 2014. During his tenure as mayor of America’s 10th largest city, he introduced and passed more than 80 fiscal and open government reforms, including a comprehensive pension reform bill that was approved by the voters in 2012. Chuck’s work on pension reform has paved the way for many other cities to tackle their own fiscal retirement planning.

Dan Liljenquist

Dan Liljenquist served as Utah State Senator from 2009 to 2011, during which time he championed groundbreaking state pension reforms. A nationally recognized expert on sustainable public retirement reform, Dan's diligent work has helped to ensure that Utah will be able to meet its retirement commitments to current public workers and retirees, while providing retirement security for future employees.

James Spiotto

James Spiotto is Managing Director of Chapman Strategic Advisors LLC, a consultancy providing educational and strategic insight to market participants on municipal finance. A recognized thought leader in municipal bonds, Jim's work has been published in a range of publications, including The Law of State and Local Government Debt Financing, The Handbook of Municipal Bonds and the Oxford Handbook of State and Local Government Finance.  He is co-owner and co-publisher of, an online resource for state and local government-related research and information.

Richard Ravitch

Richard Ravitch served as Lieutenant Governor of New York from 2009 to 2010. Prior to his appointment, he was a partner in the law firm Ravitch, Rice & Co., and served as Chairman of the Commission on New York Metropolitan Transit Authority Financing. Widely recognized for his ability to help reform financially distressed entities, he currently serves as a senior advisor to Detroit’s Financial Review Commission.

Our Team

Pete Constant

Chief Executive Officer

Pete Constant brings a wealth of pension reform experience to his position as Chief Executive Officer of the Retirement Security Initiative. In this role, Pete designs and implements strategic plans in collaboration with RSI's board of directors, leads the organization in its advocacy efforts and manages day-to-day operations. Prior to his work at RSI, Pete was Director of the Pension Integrity Project and Senior Fellow at the Reason Foundation. There he led the team that designed, drafted and negotiated the successful public safety pension reform plan for the state of Arizona. Prior to that, he served as Council Member for the City of San Jose from 2007-2014, where he served as trustee on the city's two pension plans. Pete began his career in law enforcement as a police officer for the City of San Jose, where he served for 11 years until an on-duty injury forced his early retirement. 

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