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January 9, 2018, "New ruling builds toward ultimate decision on California Rule for pensions," The Bond Buyer

January 4, 2018, "Pension costs are threatening public services all over California. It has to stop." The Sacramento Bee 

December 8, 2017, "Pension Reform Comes in Many Shapes and Sizes," Forbes

October 25, 2017, "KBRA Announces Election of Lois A. Scott to Board of Directors," Business Wire

October 10, 2017, "Vacaville faces $1.3M cost for lowered return on state pension investments," Daily Republic

September 28, 2017, "Debt Race," Sacramento News & Review

September 26, 2017, "California Pension Crisis An Increasing Drag on Cities, Counties," CBS SF Bay Area

September 25, 2017, "The myths of the California pension mess," California Political Review

September 20, 2017, "Bay Area conference shines light on public pensions," Daily Republic

September 8, 2017, "A failing grade for teacher pensions," Bond Buyer

July 23, 2017, "Roseville leaders greet strong CalPERS returns with cautious optimism," Press Tribune

July 14, 2017, "Opinion: Michigan an example for pension reform," Detroit Free Press

June 30, 2017, "Illinois & California Ignore Massively Unfunded Pensions, But Pennsylvania & Michigan Take Action," Forbes

June 29, 2017, "CalPERS pension debt is a threat to workers and retirees," The Sacramento Bee

June 26, 2017, "When will Supreme Court rule on pension cuts?" Calpensions

June 8, 2017, "Questions raised about Jerry Brown's California pension payment plan," Bond Buyer

May 8, 2017, "Increasing Number of Experts Project 'Meltdown' of California's Public Pension System," Fox & Hounds

May 4, 2017, "It's time for some real reform of taxpayer-funded pension plans," The Greeley Tribune

May 3, 2017, "It's time to worry about our pensions," Los Altos Times Courier

April 26, 2017, "Think Public Pensions Can't Be Cut? Think Again," Governing

April 19, 2017, "Arizona corrections officers pension overhaul applauded," Bond Buyer

April 17, 2017, "Appeals court allows pension cuts, backs San Diego," Capitol Weekly 

April 12, 2017, "Democratic attorneys general are the true masters of vote suppression," R Street

April 7, 2017, "The cost of California's public pensions is breaking the bank," LA Times

April 7, 2017, "Roseville CFO addresses CalPERS shortfalls," Press Tribube

April 4, 2017, "Mismanaged pension funds are imperiling state budgets," The Hill

March 30, 2017, "Universal Health Care Proposals Would Add Significant Fiscal Pressure to California's Finances," Fox&Hounds

March 29, 2017, "Chuck Reed: Retirees in LA feeling the sting of unfunded pensions," East Bay Times

March 29, 2017, "Chuck Reed: NJ Police & Fire Pension Bill-From the Frying Pan to the Fire," NJ Spotlight

March 22, 2017, "Report Raises Disagreement Over Pension Funding," Bond Buyer

March 5, 2017, "Dan Liljenquist: Why now is the time for pension reform," Lincoln Journal Star

February 26, 2017, "Editorial: Another way to address pension woes," Lincoln Journal Star

February 23, 2017, "Dan Liljenquist: Going bankrupt slowly and then suddenly," Deseret News 

February 21, 2017, "'California Rule' cases could have big implications for pension reform," Debtwire

February 21, 2017, "On pension reform, Pa. lawmakers talk a good game," PennLive

February 20, 2017, "Will San Jose's pension costs consume revenue from new taxes?" The Mercury News

February 15, 2017, "Senator discusses LB 30, securing retirement benefits," York-News Times

February 8, 2017, "Fire, police unions oppose pension bill for Omaha," Lincoln members, Omaha World-Herald

February 7, 1017, "Cops, firefighters resist state effort to mandate pension changes in Lincoln, Omaha," Lincoln Journal Star

January 11, 2017, "State pension reform to go before SC lawmakers," WCSC Channel 5 News

January 1, 2017, "A case Study on Pension Reform: San Jose's Grand Compromise," KQED

December 30, 2016, "What's the Latest in the Game of Pension Hot Potato," EfficientGov

December 29, 2016, "A Case Study on Pension Reform: San Jose's Grand Compromise," Capitol Public Radio

December 23, 2016, "CalPERS votes to raise workers' costs for pensions, as growth stagnates," San Francisco Business Times

December 22, 2016, "California Rule Case Could Bring National Pension Ripples," The Bond Buyer

December 21, 2016, "CalPERS Board Votes to Raise Costs of Pensions For State Workers," CBS San Francisco

December 10, 2016, "Real Clear Radio: Political Disasters in Science and Economics," Competitive Enterprise Institute 

December 10, 2016, "Pension Crisis: An Interview with Dan Liljenquist," Real Clear Radio

December 8, 2016, "Former San Jose mayor highlights tiny town's pension plight," The Mercury News

December 7, 2016, "Loyalton's pension default is a wake-up call," The San Diego Union-Tribune

November 30, 2016, "Can States Reduce Unreasonable Pensions? California Supreme Court Will Review," Reason

November 18, 2016, "Paying for public retirees has never cost L.A. taxpayers more," L.A. Times

November 13, 2016, "Era of Low Interest Rates Hammers Millions of Pensions Around the World," Wall Street Journal

November 2, 2016, "Reed: Measure F on pension reform is a good deal," Mercury News 

November 1, 2016, "Silicon Valley Epicenter Turns to Ballot to End Pension War," Bloomberg

October 28, 2016, "Officials add extra day to try to pass pension reform," New Castle News

October 27, 2016, "State pension battle goes into overtime," The Tribune-Democrat

October 26, 2016, "Roundtable Discussion Invites Groundwork for Public Pension Reform," Colorado Business Roundtable

September 30, 2016, "CalPERS puts retirees, taxpayers at risk," San Francisco Chronicle

September 6, 2016, "California Case Opens Door for Pension Benefit Reductions," Bloomberg

September 1, 2016, "Dan Liljenquist: The Crisis Facing Public Education," Forbes

August 25, 2016, "Will Appeals Ruling Sober Up State's Pension Abusers?" The American Spectator

August 23, 2016, "Court pension decision weakens 'California Rule,'" Fox&Hounds

August 22, 2016, "Court pension decision weakens 'California Rule,'" UnionWatch

August 22, 2016 "Court pension decision weakens so-called 'California Rule,'" Calpensions

August 22, 2016, "Court pension decision weakens so-called 'California Rule,'" Politico, California Playbook

August 19, 2016, "California Ruling Takes a Chip out of Pension Vesting Rules," Bond Buyer

August 14, 2016, "Time to demand pension reform," Daily Republic

August 4, 2016, "Dan Liljenquist: The Pension Tsunami," Deseret News

August 3, 2016, "Chuck Reed: Stop Whistling Past the Pension Graveyard," California City News

July 29, 2016, "California`s ignored pension crisis is only getting worse," The Sacramento Bee 

July 18, 2016, "Ready to retire? Why you should avoid Kentucky," WCPO Channel 9.

July 18, 2016, "Ready to Retire? Avoid These Four States," Governing

July 13, 2016, "California's big pension fund sees flat earnings for second year," Fresno Bee

July 12, 2016, "Another tough year for CalPERS as retirement fund loses billions,” OCRegister

July 11, 2016, "Brexit Adds to Pension Funds' Pain," Wall Street Journal

July 7, 2016, "How San Diego and San Jose Fared After Pension Reform," Bond Buyer

June 27, 2016, "What Brexit Could Mean for Public Pensions," UnionWatch 

June 27, 2016, "The Detroit Road Map for Puerto Rico," Wall Street Journal

June 27, 2016, "Commentary: What Brexit Could Mean for Public Pensions," PublicCEO

June 27, 2016, "What Brexit Could Mean for Public Pensions," Fox&Hounds

June 24, 2016, "British EU exit could sting CA, but the price of Scotch might fall," The Sacramento Bee

June 16, 2016, "Pete Constant to lead Retirement Security Initiative," Retirement Income Journal 

June 2, 2016, "Dan Liljenquist: PROMESA might be the only viable path forward for Puerto Rico," Deseret News

May 26, 2016, "Dan Liljenquist: Collective Neurosis in Puerto Rico," Deseret News

May 18, 2016, "Calif. fiscal ruin from unsustainable government pensions," Daily Journal

May 12, 2016, Reed letter to the editor: "Look for Realistic Returns," Journal Sentinel

May 11, 2016, "Pension Reformer Chuck Reed Gearing Up California Pension Reform Measure," PublicCEO

May 5, 2016, "Dan Liljenquist: Puerto Rico is Bankrupt," Deseret News

April 11,"California Faces Higher Taxes, Fewer Services Without Pension Reform," Intersections

April 1, "Legal Processes Seen Clarifying Path to Pension Reform," The Bond Buyer

March 30, "RSI Salutes 6 Alabama Legislators for Pension Reform Efforts,"

March 14, "The City of Fresno is Carrying a Surplus in its Public Pension System," PublicCeo

March 11, "The Staggering Threat of Public Pensions,"

March 8, "The Search for Consensus on Public Pension Reform," Governing

Feb. 14, "Governments Need to Reform Defined Benefit Plans, Expert Says," Lincoln Journal Star

Jan. 27, "Kentucky's Cautionary Tale About Underfunding Pensions," Governing

Jan. 27, "Pension Reformers Launch New Initiative," BenefitsPro

Jan. 26, "Public Pension Advocacy Group Launches," The Bond Buyer

Jan. 25, "Scary Pension Math," City Journal

Jan. 21, "Bracing for the Bear Market," Deseret News