Week of August 22, 2016


  • "A demographic crisis for pensions, driven by longer life expediencies and declining birthrates, has now become critical, thanks to historic low bond yields across the world," says John Authers and Robin Wigglesworth of the Financial Times in this in depth article, first in a series, on the growing pension crisis. 


  • The California State Assembly this week approved a measure to create a mandatory state-run pension plan for private workers. "The move could make California the first state to require companies to take part in such a system," reports The New York Times' Mary Wiliams Walsh. Read her coverage of the issue here.


  • Manhattan Institute Senior Fellow Steve Malanga takes readers inside the pension crisis with a hard look at accounting standards in this Wall Street Journal oped. "The beginning of the end of this crisis won’t arrive until more reasonable, less risky standards are in place," he says. 


  • Just 15 states contributed enough money to their pension funds in 2014 to cover benefits and begin to pay down their debt. CNN's Katie Lobosco looks at the states with the best funded pension plans and the ones with the worst shortfalls.